Clara Laure

Hi Souls,
I'm Clara Laure, and since my seventeens, veggie life is a normal lifestyle for me. It came as an evidence one day as I was supposed to do babysitting in Switzerland for the daughter of my cousin while she was taking some holidays, but as she changed her plan, I ended up staying with her friends who were all... vegetarians. They gave me some books to read and that was it!
Few years later, I started to study and practice Bhakti Yoga. It helps me to understand the deep reasons why vegetarian diet is the mandatory quality for a civilization to be considered a human one. I also realized the relationship between our body, our mind and who we really are: A spirit soul, it means this infinitesimal imperishable spark entrapped in this body.
Everyone is searching for a peaceful life, full of happiness and opulence. But unless we respect all living being, and unless we have respect, love and compassion for all and  everyone, we will never be able to maintain this happiness. We can agitate our senses and actions in many senses, but self fulfillment will not be there unless and until we first stop to harass, torture and harm our brothers and sisters, whatever bodies they are in. That's why it is so necessary to maintain peace and happiness in ourselves first by keeping clean habits in our bodily, emotional, mental and spiritual lives as well.
This website is a simple attempt to share with you the best ways I've founded to keep body, mind and soul in harmony, share this knowledge and my experience around it.
Hope you will like it !


"If a kid ever realized what was involved in factory farming, they would never touch meat again."


"You don't have to take a life to gain muscle"


"No meat ? No problem ! "